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Welcome to Epic Dungeons and Dragons!

We have a number of things going on right now. We have several campaigns and projects going to move the club forward and make it the biggest baddest most awesome club in the world!

I will update this more later but here are the Campaign listings:

  • Scales of War – Scales of War is no more! We have no more DMs for it, and honestly it wasn’t working out great. We do have a couple firm and consistent tables left from it though. It is 4e Campaign premade campaign. Wizards designed a full campaign from lvl 1 to lvl 30. We have two tables going right now, with a little bit more room in one of them. If you would like to DM please email!
  • LFR – Living Forgotten Realms. See the NEW information below. We will run this once a week now and would love more DMs to take on incoming players. The date will change depending on when the most people can make it. Email if you need access to the LFR site.
  • Planescape – Saturday evening’s in Quark (Tokay) Rick Pumilia has taken over running an awesome Planescape game. Whatever you do don’t worship the Lady of Pain! Stupid cutter. 3.5e.
  • Pathfinder – Saturday’s Dean Carpenter (Mystify here) ran a successful Pathfinder game all the way through Epic Tier. It was a fantastic joy ride of smiting the God of the elemental plane of evil.


  • Scales of War Replaced with a Weekly LFR! – We are now doing a weekly setting for LFR. We need more DMs because both tables on Tuesday are full. Monthly LFR games will continue as normal.

Old News

  • Bad News About Funding We will be unable to stock the D&D tables with Epic’s money this year. Epic decided to cancel funding for all supplies of Motley Crew clubs. That being said – they are not taking away any of the supplies that we have. We can still play at Epic, use the projectors, wireless internet, popcorn, treasure chest, at all hours of the night, and no one will complain. I am going to talk with and see if I can convince them that a “D&D Insider” account is now a “club fee” which apparently they still reimburse for.
  • New GM Found! Christopher Wood (BastardDM on these sites) is the new Tuesday Night DM! He is starting his lvl 1 game tomorrow (2/21/12). Jeremy Kofoot – who had been a fine fine member – left the Scales of War tables! He decided to go off an have a kid and an actual life somewhere. Meanwhile we will still be fighting Orcs.
  • Mini Painting – Katy Love (Nymerias) coordinated a field trip to Pegasus on August 27th, and from what I hear it was a huge success! I wish she would do it again, but she has been a quiet member recently. If anyone wants to try to coordinate another one of these, we have lots of paintable mini’s in the Treasure Chest!
  • DM Tools – I am using software to track initiative and I need PC input for it. If you are a character in Scales or LFR please send us your dnd4e character files!
  • The Gamers – It is a crime to be a D&D player and not have seen this. So we will have a screening of this one weekend in the future – Date TBD.
  • Living Forgotten Realms Campaign Info
    • The Living Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide includes all the information you need in order to get started playing LFR (other than the core rules of Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition). Refer to this document for meta-game rules about creating and advancing characters, playing and DMing adventures, forming an adventuring company, and much more.
    • Pre-Generated characters can be found here, if you’re in a hurry.
    • LFR Player Characters Since the Characters campaign page is devoted to Scales of War, LFR characters can be found in the Wiki.

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