Alekei, Highborn of Shade
Swordmage | Warlord (5)
Home: Netheril

Alekei is an accomplished nethermancer, using the Dark Lady’s gifts to confuse and disrupt his enemies in battle. He is accustomed to giving orders and having those orders followed; the lifestyle of an adventurer is taking some getting-used-to.

He led a Netherese expedition in to the Yuirwood, where the full scope of Shar’s treachery became apparent. The expedition fell in to a plagueland, and most of the force was wiped out by plagechanged monstrosities. Alekei escaped, but not unscathed; he bears a spellscar as a constant reminder of the horrors Shar’s meddling wrought. He gathered what he could carry and fled the Shade Citadel, renouncing his devotion to the Dark Lady and vowing to do whatever it takes to help make the world right again.

Strengths: Arcana, History, Intimidate, Diplomacy (sort-of)


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