Epic Dungeons and Dragons

Scales of War Session 1

The Adventure Begins...

The party starts the adventure in the town of Brindol. Recently in the town, there have been rumors circulating about an evil presence lurking outside the city and trouble brewing.

The party had been gathered in a bar in town where some card players were making a ruckus. During the ruckus with the card players, some commotion and eventually rioting occurred outside and several hobgoblins raided the bar – several with torches trying to light it aflame.

Heroically banding together the party defeated the hobgoblins and preserved the precious alcohol and bartender.

Outside however, there was more commotion as a huge ogre was chucking massive explosives throughout the square. Once again the party struck down this mighty Ogre and the hobgoblin archers that road with it. The town guards, seeing these heroic deeds, rushed the heroes to the bridge into town where, sadly, the raid of hobgoblins had escaped.

The next morning – rumor circulates that the hobgoblins had captured several townsfolk and taken valuable artifacts from the Hall of Great Valor….



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